Choosing a Facility

Residents smiling with their grand child happily

A Consumer Guide to Pleasant View Health Care Center

Please use this guide as you visit another facility to help you determine which location is best for you. In the second column, answer the questions for the second facility.


PV       Facility 2
YES           _____      Is the facility licensed by the State of Ohio?
YES           _____      Are survey results posted?
YES           _____      Is the facility certified for Medicare?
YES           _____      Is the facility licensed for Skilled Care?
YES           _____      Is the facility licensed for Intermediate Care?
YES           _____     Are exits, extinguisher, and emergency plans visible?
YES           _____     Are hallways well lighted?
YES           _____     Is Dental Care available?
YES           _____     Is Podiatry Care available?
YES           _____     Is Ophthalmology Care available?
YES           _____     Is Psychiatric Care Available?
YES           _____     Is Beautician & Barber Care available?
YES           _____     Does the daily rate include laundry services?
YES           _____     Does the daily rate include special diets?
YES           _____     Is room phone service available?
YES           _____     Is there daily mail sevice?
YES           _____     Are refunds available for less than a month’s stay?
YES           _____     Is the contract clear and reasonable?
YES           _____     Are the residents dressed and well groomed?
YES           _____    Does the facility provide a “home-like” environment?
YES           _____    Are lounges available for family visits?
YES           _____    Is there a doctor available 24 hours a day?
YES           _____    Is there a Restorative Nursing Program?
YES           _____    Is Occupational, Physical, Respiratory & Speech Therapy available?
YES           _____    Is there a Therapy Room?
YES           _____    Are posted menus nutritional?
YES           _____    Is help with eating given when needed?
YES           _____    Is there fresh water next to each bed?
YES           _____    Is there an Activity Director?
YES           _____    Is there a Social Worker?
YES           _____   Are activities posted and available to families?
YES           _____   Is there an active Resident Council?
YES           _____   Does the facility have religious programs?
YES           _____   Is there transportation for outings?
YES           _____   Is the staff friendly and responsive to resident needs?
YES           _____   Is the facility free of bad odors and scented sprays?
YES           _____   Is the facility clean?
YES           _____   Do staff members smile?
YES           _____   Do residents of the facility smile?
YES           _____   Open 24 hours a day?